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Introduction. - 30 Ways in 30 Days to a Greener Lifestyle

No matter what you believe in how or why man exists and is on this planet, one thing is certain; the Earth is what sustains us from day to day. We breathe air, drink water and eat food...all provided for us. And as much as we may encounter serenity from a sunset or from the chirp of a bird on a quiet morning, we see how violent storms and natural occurrences can instantly devastate life and destroy what may take decades to recreate. This is not new and has plagued our ancestors and us for thousands of years forcing us to adapt to survive. Read More

Scientists have long known that our climate is changing and that this phenomenon is part of the history of our planet. Many predictions about future cycles might have been correct had human impact been factored into the calculation. As Western cultures have become increasingly "modern", what the general public values as socially acceptable behavior leading to a better life and "getting ahead" appear to challenge the concepts of maintaining nature and the environment. There is low value associated with being a conservation-minded individual who does not follow the over-consumptive pattern that is accepted in Western cultures. It is rare to encounter someone who is anti-environment and who would do harm to the Earth in a way that is not acceptable or humane. Unfortunately our actions do not reflect what we know is correct...and this is not due to a lack of scientific knowledge or statistics--it is due to the lack of acceptance of what our role is.

The issues we face environmentally have sprung from our last couple of centuries of moving to make our lives easier. The more sophisticated and technologically advanced we become, physical tasks and repetition are minimized, and more can be accomplished with less effort. This has provided increased comfort and more free time for us to enjoy. But there are consequences for the reckless use of resources. We have made these advances without any regard to the big picture or the detrimental effects of creating substances that are not found naturally and have no ability to be disposed of. Comfort and convenience items are made available without any regard to preserving the natural resources used to create them. The capitalist in each of us prompts us to throw them away and buy again to replace them and sustain our economy first.

Our economy was not designed to follow that item to another cycle, but the focus was on creating a need for the next version or upgraded model or the same thing only newer. As we begin to understand the importance of building our impact and the productís impact into the process, the concepts of greener lifestyles will become more apparent and easier to abide by. Additional costs can be minimized through forethought, and there is no reason that a thriving economy cannot be maintained by re-using and recycling such products. Even those large companies who have profited for many years by fighting the changes will realize cost savings, and new innovations that will lead to new markets.

If environmentally conscious people are successful, there will be few changes in climate, air and food noticed in your lifetime...and they will consider the mission accomplished. Not the sexiest of rewards, nothing changes and life continues pretty much as it has. The only proof that the mission was accomplished is that we get to wake up and do it over again. Fortunately, I am content with that. The problem is that most people need more tangible results to be satisfied, something material that they can hold onto. Saving the Polar bear so it does not become extinct as it's surroundings quickly change may not be enough for most. After all, there will always be contrarians who will point out other factors that may contribute to its survival, leaving as much doubt as possible as to whether your efforts played an important role.

I personally believe our existence is parallel to that of the other creatures that have endured to this time as well, and their plight is an indication of our own. We need to coexist with our habitat so that our own existence does not negatively impact anything which sustains all life, including our own. That is much bigger than saving Polar Bears, though that may be part of the result.

This guide is made available to assist individuals in green living to be more in sync with long-term coexistence with our habitat and resources.... that are not infinite, but all so finite. The Earth endures our presence like that of bacteria in our own bodies. Some bacteria levels keep us in harmony with health. But when something causes an imbalance that negatively affects our bodies, our immune response includes heating up our core temperature and producing increased levels of antigens to fight off viruses. Sometimes this takes place in specific areas or organs of our body (acute), and other times we have a whole body (systemic) reaction. Thinking on this line of reasoning, we can readily note several highly exposed areas of this planet that are experiencing harsher climates. The results of these changes across the whole planet are not known, but it will probably be too late if this leads to a whole planet reaction...and to do nothing to lessen what we know to be our impacts is unthinkable.

Over the last couple decades, the public has not reformed their concepts based on scientific facts about the climate changes caused by man's behavior, even as these changes happen around us. As a democratic society, we teach values of respect for people, no matter where they were born, their race, religion or gender. That we have not found it imperative to include teaching value for nature and the environment is a modern issue and goes against human nature. Clean air, water and soil are so fundamental to our existence that we take them for granted. We have left it to the government and industry to protect us so we can concentrate on other life matters. Industry influences government policies enough that the environment has been degraded and compromised for corporate profits enjoyed only by a few. Perhaps these companies individually believe that their total contribution to this degradation is minimal and that the people of the world will figure out how to deal with these issues when it becomes a problem. Well, folks, we are well into this problem, and as Al Gore stated, those who deny climate change can be compared to those in the past who argued that the world was flat.

The corporations and government are not the agents of change. Any recent positive changes in policies and acceptable practices have come from pressure from the publicís awareness of the issues. Each company and every person has a cumulative impact. It is not just difficult, but inconvenient because the infrastructure for such change to zero tolerance is not broken, but was never built. It must be accomplished from the ground up, and that is where each of us must take the bull by the horns. Waiting for your neighbor with the Hummer or SUV to make the adjustment may leave you and the rest of the world longing for a second chance or wishing to awake from a nightmare that is not a dream.

Can you be content without seeing the fruits of your change spill over to others? The only glory achieved from these efforts is self-satisfaction and pride associated with knowing you are doing the right thing. Fortunately, if you make the commitment, everything you do and encounter in your life becomes more positively reflected. Once you accomplish something very difficult, there is an unmatched satisfaction and, if it was a difficult task, remains forward in the mind.

Can you take pride and do you have the confidence it takes to actually stand for something, even when the majority of people are not interested in joining your cause? Even those who feel this is blown out of proportion understand that man-made chemicals and hazardous wastes cannot be good for the Earth and that the pollution can be harmful to health. These types have not internalized how important it is to make being eco-minded a priority since no one is stroking them for it or paying them to do it. This personal commitment to the environment requires extra effort because of people who are making no effort.

So in the end it is up to you. The following 30 ways allow you to become more of an environmental agent of change over a 30-day plan to reach a greener lifestyle. Each day provides an ideal commitment that may not be completely possible to achieve for everyone, but working towards the goals set forth as best as can be fit into your life will make a big difference. Because it must.


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30 Ways in 30 Days: Introduction
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